T-Bar Ceilings

Edmonton T-bar Ceiling Installation

EGM offers T-bar ceiling services to the Edmonton metro area. This type of ceiling is ideal for residential, basement, commercial and industrial applications. EGM has years of experience handling ceiling projects in a wide cross-section of industries.

Our ability to quickly supply and install our large selection of T-bar and tile options gives our customers the peace of mind that they can count on us, even when the project timeline is narrow.

The benefits of T-bar ceilings in different applications are extensive, especially when it comes to soundproofing. Suspended ceiling installation services come with inherent noise limiting abilities; however, we also have acoustic ceiling options to further lower noise from travelling through floors and to other rooms.

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Cloud Ceilings

EGM Drywall has executed some beautifully eye catching cloud ceiling accents.  We have access to the best products to make your dream a reality.  Carefully executed framing and attention to detail gives your ceiling a breath of life.


If you are not certain the best way to finish off your ceiling space and want to hand it over to the professionals, you can trust EGM Drywall to deliver.  From stunning designs to economic options, we can take on your project and build you a ceiling that will work with your goals and budget.

Supply and Install

EGM can quickly procure the materials and execute your T-bar ceiling installation, on-time and on-budget.

Suspended Ceiling Systems

Suspended ceiling systems are flexible ways to have a professional finish on a multitude of different construction types or structures.  From different heights, styles and features, contact EGM to discuss all the T-bar options available for your project.

Ceiling Tiles Selection

EGM has a wide selection and ability to work with multiple suppliers to get the T-bar ceiling that has the right look and acoustical qualities for your application.

Acoustical Ceilings

Lowering noise transfer can be of vital importance in many commercial properties.  Not only can floors require a sound transfer rating but a ceiling system can be a weak point for partitions requiring privacy.  EGM has T-bar solutions that are built to minimize noise and meet the acoustical needs of your project.

T-bar ceilings are highly customizable.  Whether you’re looking for that accent or a critical acoustical ceiling system for privacy, EGM will help ensure you have the appropriate T-bar system installed by our professionals.

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